6.71/8.71 Supercharger Plate Kit

SHOW QUALITY kit includes highly polished stainless steel lines, distribution block and plate.

NS offers 6.71/8.71 Supercharger plates with your choice in either assembled or un-assembled versions as well as "STANDARD" or "SHOW QUALITY" polished versions as depicted here. Nitrous and Fuel jets are included for a 175HP setting.

NOTE: Black B-nuts available upon request

NOTE: For STANDARD quality version, order part #23350

23350-C – 6.71/8.71 Blower Plate - SHOW QUALITY - Assembled
The N/S racing POWERVALVE 500R is a ¼ turn, full on/off position valve that can be utilized with 5 - 20 lb. capacity aluminum and latest state-of-the-art carbon fiber nitrous bottles. The POWERVALVE 500R is an extreme Hi-Flow (.500) orifice valve that is equipped with a spring-loaded safety pin to prevent accidental opening and comes with a racer safety. The POWERVALVE 500R accepts a 5/8” siphon tube and has two 1/8” NPT gauge ports as well as a racer safety.
The N/S Carbon Fiber 12 lb. capacity extreme light weight nitrous bottle is available in two versions featuring the all new 300R or 500R Super Hi-Flow POWERVALVE. The 300R version includes a 1/2” siphon tube along with a 660 outlet connection. The 500R version includes a 5/8” siphon tube along with a large 8AN outlet fitting. In either case, these represent the lightest weight/maximum flow combination in the industry.

Note: Nitrous gauge available separately (picture shows carbon fiber bottle with 500R POWERVALVE)

24747-300 Carbon Fiber Nitrous Bottle with 300R POWERVALVE
24747-500 Carbon Fiber Nitrous Bottle with 500R POWERVALVE

This all new in-car Hi-Flow Nitrous Valve from N/S features an aluminum ¼ turn, full on/off ball valve with a huge 8AN (.500) orifice. Allows the driver convenient in-car on/off access with easy mounting and installation.
26134 Inline Nitrous Shut-off Valve