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Product ID: 03251-NB
Manufacturer: Nitrous Supply
Xtreme CRISS CROSS Plate System - Holley 4150 - NO BOTTLE
Xtreme CRISS CROSS Plate System - Holley 4150 - NO BOTTLE
The all new Xtreme “CRISS CROSS” systems are the plate kits of choice when it comes to making big power.  Using Nitrous Supplies innovative "Big Bar" twin crossbar bar plate design.  Larger nitrous spray bars that intersect at 90 degrees provides optimum fuel and nitrous distribution within the manifold plenum.  Big Bar Criss Cross plates are ideal for use on complex intake manifold configurations as well as deep reaching extended runner plenum dividers.  With enough flow capability for levels of power from 200-600hp+!!!  The Xtreme “CRISS-CROSS” system is the ideal set up for street legal classes where a single 4-bbl is required.  The Xtreme “CRISS-CROSS” system comes out of the box complete and ready to go with the NS Mega nitrous solenoid, 8AN braided stainless feed line, electrical and hardware needed for installation.



   Nitrous Supply Xtreme “CRISS-CROSS” systems are designed and engineered to be used on highly modified engines built for competition purposes. Sufficient fuel delivery is a must.  Use only fuel pumps capable of maintaining required volume while holding pressure at 5 –10 PSI.  Example: An 800 HP engine at full throttle with nitrous activated would require at least 80 gallons of fuel per hour at 6PSI. Use racing gasoline only.


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