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Product ID: 08001
Manufacturer: Nitrous Supply

The NS POWERSTAR series has been engineered to introduce enthusiasts to economical safe, reliable horsepower increases for street or strip. All POWERSTAR systems are fully adjustable. Designed to give you 50-175 HP with torque increases as high as 195 ft. lbs.

POWERSTAR kits come out of the box complete and ready to go with all the parts and components you need for a complete installation. The NS 10lb capacity nitrous bottle comes standard in brilliant candy red and is equipped with a standard nitrous bottle valve along with a fully adjustable plate with flare jets (port nozzle kits include a 1/16'' pipe tap).

Systems delivering 140 HP or more may require larger fuel pumps as well as forged pistons. In addition, a colder range spark plug is recommended as well as premium grade fuel. For individual applications call the NS tech department at 714-373-1986


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List Price: $597.95
Price: $519.50

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