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Manufacturer: Nitrous Supply
Fuel Flow Tool & Gauge Kit
Fuel Flow Tool & Gauge Kit
One of the most critical tuning aspects of ANY nitrous system regardless of brand is the proper setting of fuel pressure. Every system is designed with a specific fuel pressure (and resulting nitrous/fuel ratio) for optimal operation. Fuel pressure can make the difference between no power (overly rich) or burned pistons (too lean) and pure performance as intended. While many fuel pressure gauges available today are "adequate", they also fall well short of accuracy when the difference between winning and losing depends on optimal fuel pressures.  Nitrous Supply offers you this affordable flow tool gauge kit to help accurately simulate the fuel demands of your nitrous system. With a large, easy to read 4” diameter., 1% accurate fuel pressure gauge at the heart of this kit, we’ve even included the proper adapters and hoses to allow easy flowing of almost any system. With fuel pressure accuracy within a 1% tolerance, you're sure to get the best out of your nitrous system.  We've even included the proper jet sizes to flow the standard power levels found in most Fogger kits.  

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